4HRsolutions was created based on the deep belief, that HR department is a strategic partner in the organization and equally to operations, logistics, sales, distribution, marketing, finance and IT, plays a key role in an efficient organization management.

Experiences gathered since 1995 include production companies, FMCGs, telecoms and pharmaceuticals, as well as shared service centers, both as internal HR and operations management.

Solutions recommended by 4HRsolutions will be always tailor-made to the needs of the clients, but also based on what has been tested, tried and implemented. I also value projects, which has not successfully ended – they were the sources and new inspirations and improvements. It is not a mistake to make mistakes; the mistake is not to learn from mistakes.


Forms of cooperation for corporate clients:

  • Consulting in the area of human resources management
  • Building new companies from HR perspective
  • Audit and potential improvements of the existing teams
  • Short and long term projects
  • Soft skills training
  • MBTI development workshops

For individual clients:

  • Individual MBTI sessions based on self-assessment or licensed MBTI® questionnaire. During such session, the participants discover their individual profile, will discover strong points and potential areas for growth, will understand how they can be perceived by others and also how their individual preferences influence private and professional life.
  • Mentoring – career support in the area of human resources management and team management


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