MBTI: Sensing or Intuition

Sensing or intuition (S/N) is the second pair of preferences. Carl Gustav Jung explained how sensing or intuition impacts the way we take in information. Sensing (S) sees things as they really are. Intuition (N) sees what cannot be seen. Sensing (S) is “here and now”. Intuition (N) is “reading between the lines”


The following set of questions will help you clarify your preference:


  1. Are you more
  • realistic than speculative
  • speculative than realistic
  1. Are you more attracted to
  • sensible people
  • imaginative people
  1. In doing ordinary things are you more likely to
  • do it the usual way
  • do it your own way
  1. Facts
  • „speak for themselves”
  • illustrate principles
  1. Common sense is
  • rarely questionable
  • frequently questionable
  1. Do you go more by
  • facts
  • principles
  1. Are you more likely to trust your
  • experience
  • hunch
  1. Do you prize more in yourself
  • a strong sense of reality
  • a vivid imagination


People with the preference of Sensing (S) would typically select answer (a). They take in information that is real and tangible. They are observant about the details of what is going on around them. They are also:5_senses_800_10158

  • oriented to present realities
  • factual and concrete
  • observe and remember details
  • build carefully and thoroughly towards conclusions
  • understand ideas and theories through practical applications
  • trust experience


On the other hand, people with the preference of intuition (N) like to take in information by seeing the big picture, focusing on relationships and connections between the facts. They are:thought_cloud_bubble_800_12172

  • oriented to future possibilities
  • imaginative and verbally creative
  • focus on patterns and meanings in data
  • remember details when they relate to a pattern
  • want to clarify ideas and theories before putting them into practice
  • trust inspiration

As with all four pairs of preferences, none is better than the other. Also in case of Sensing (S) and Intuition (N), both are equally attractive and can cooperate with each other achieving excellent results.