About me

My name is Ewa Ekes. During more than 20 years of professional career in Human Resources area I had the opportunity to manage international HR projects for big corporations. I worked both in the model of internal Human Resources Department, Shared Service Center model, as well as the transitioning between the two.


Professionally, my competencies include:IMG_2379

  • Setting up the new organizations from the HR perspective
  • Managing of both international and virtual teams (up to 45 people)
  • Ensuring expected levels of HR services in international locations
  • Introduction of systems increasing the effectiveness of team work
  • Non-financial incentive schemes
  • Career development
  • Excellent presentations and training delivery skills
  • Independent HR consultant and auditor
  • Certified MBTI® Step I and Step II trainer
  • Completed MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course


My profile on LinkedIn: Ewa Ekes


From personal perspective:

I was born and raised in Kraków, Poland. Mother of teenage girl, my free time I love to spend with family and friends. I like riding a bike, playing board games, reading books and everything what is slow: slow life, slow food and slow jogging. And the most recent discovery: BodyART®. Also taking photos, which I publish on: www.ewaekes.blogspot.com